Und endlich gar nichts

(And finally nothing at all)

Video Installation, Stop-Frame-Animation, silent, 89 minutes.

In 1757 the missioner Joseph Cranz had to cross the Alps via the Füel mountain pass in order to get from Susch in the Engadin to Davos. He was horrified by the continuous loss of vegetation the higher up the mountains he got and he wrote into his diary: "Wenn die Bäume und nach ihnen die Alpen wegen der großen Kälte aufhören, sieht man nur noch ein wenig Gras zwischen den Steinhaufen, dann nur noch Moos und endlich gar nichts." (When the trees and soon after the Alps stop because of the extreme coldness, one can only find bits of grass between the stones, then only moss and finally nothing at all.)
Inspired by his diary entry from 1757 I took pictures of the ground when climbing up the mountain and animated the frames together. I started in the valley and stopped at the peak of the mountain.

Installation view at S.P.A.M Contemporary, Düsseldorf, 2013