Performance together with Elisa Haug
Telegrafenberg Potsdam, 2022

In this performance, Elisa Haug and I stood and walked at an angle reminiscent of mountain climbing, as if we were pushing off from the rock with our feet.
The space was divided in half by a freestanding partition, and in the middle of the partition was a hole through which three strings ran. We stood at opposite ends of the large space, separated by the partition, and were connected by the three strings (which were running through the hole in the wall), which we operated with cordless drills in our hands.

We could not see each other, only feel the tension of the strings. The inclined position required us to maintain balance together, as one giving way would have caused the other to fall.
During the performance, we began to twist the three strings into a stronger single rope with the help of the cordless drills. This brought us closer together. Our shared objective was to rappel together out of the space using the strengthened rope.